The workplace has changed dramatically in the last generation. The job descriptions of today’s professionals span many diverse functions. The “office place”  and “office hours” are no longer fixed and static; it’s wherever you are whenever the work has to get done. Our economy has progressed from one of things to one of ideas with a heavy dose of collaboration. At The Work Station, we cater to the needs of professionals in today’s marketplace.

Can another person use my membership when I’m not there?  No, all memberships belong to the individual and are non-transferable.

How many days notice do I have to give before I cancel my membership?  Members must cancel their membership before the next billing date.

Can I stop in or make an appointment for a tour?  Tours are generally scheduled in advance but we accommodate tours on demand if we can. Scheduling in advance ensures our availability. Give us a call at 203-494-4738 or email us at info@attheworkstation.com to schedule a tour!

How does the printing work?  The Work Station provides unlimited printing use.

Do you have phone answering services?  We don’t offer phone answering services.

Do I get a locker?  If you need a locker, let us know!